Hi All!!!    Welcome to Maria’s Mixing Bowl. We share recipes from THE BEST BLOGGERS EVER!!..A little bit about us. I am a former hairstylist and full time foodie.  Growing up in an Italian household food was the centerpiece of everything. I enjoy cooking and sharing my food. I especially enjoy making easy meals that can be enjoyed by the family.   I try to make every recipe as easy as possible.  I enjoy all kinds of food including  low carb dishes , recipe remakes, family favorites, some recipes that I have been making since I was a child , recipes from my Mom’s recipe box, recipes I make over and over for my  family , comfort foods and more. I hope you enjoy them all and visit often 🙂 Rob is my kitchen helper and spends plenty of time in the kitchen as well.  Especially since I became sick last year. It is our time together so this is his blog almost more than mine. Sometimes I just let him take over and do his own thing lol. It’s always delicious. He has many talents so let him show off I say!! I hope you visit often and enjoy and share our recipes… Since I became sick we have been very lucky in being able to share recipes from THE BEST BLOGGERS EVER!!  We are so grateful <3