Gone are the days when we were expected to chase that shot with a cool and comforting drink, Oh noooo, ..now we can chase it with a delicious tantalizing treat.  What a great time to be alive..lol!!

I’ve kind of taken this edible shot glass trend to unheard of levels by raising the booze-filled-shot-glass-bar waaay, WAY  high, with this cool and delicious ‘cinnamony’ concoction.

Yep~  now you can slam that booze and quickly follow it up with a delicious, frosted and fun cinnamon roll ‘shot glass’… you. are. welcome. LOL  🙂 

These are so good you won’t know what to do with yourself.  And on that note, be very careful because they’re so tasty, you could easily forget that they’re also uh ~ boozy!

RECIPE HERE==>>> http://www.ohbiteit.com/2016/02/cinnamon-roll-shot-glasses.html