Oh my word…. can these be real?!!  It’s not every day that you can say you ate some boozy chicken, but now you can.

Best of all besides the flavor of course, is these yummy wings are baked not fried. So less mess and time standing over the stove. And I’m all about less time over the stove.

Now if you think of these in terms of tequila lime chicken it won’t seem so crazy, all I did was capitalize on the finger food fun.  

The tequila filled, lime zested, chicken-winged FUN!  ..Ahh~ that’s better!

So, trust me when I say…make LOTS! If you don’t you’ll be sorry. Trust me

And Serve the wings with some salt and lime wedges for the tastiest WOW factor EVER!  ~Enjoy!

RECIPE HERE===>>http://www.ohbiteit.com/2016/01/margarita-chicken-wings.html