Is your life a crazy whirl wind of activity that is hard to keep up with sometimes?  Do you love to make great food, sip on great wine and entertain from time to time?

I LOVE IT but many times the days are full to the brim and there just does not seem to be enough of me to go around.  Have you ever said to yourself gosh I wish I could just clone myself to keep with with things?  

This delicious Quick Southern Pimento Cheese can make a little R&R for you and the hubby a breeze or maybe you are entertaining in the next few weeks.

 You can whip this up in about ten minutes and everyone is going to think your are the cat’s meow.  Well you are, aren’t you?  Yes you are!!!

When I went to visit friend in North Carolina and had Pimento Cheese for the first time I really didn’t know what the big deal was going to be about. I mean they were all in the kitchen saying  “we gotta make the  pimento cheese to take to the BBQ”

I didn’t realize that it was such a well loved appetizer and oh so delicious.


 This crazy good Quick Southern Pimento Cheese can be made in less than ten minutes and you can prepare it in advance, store in an airtight container, and stir before placing in a serving bowl.  

It is delicious served with celery, carrots, crackers and crostini.  

You can serve leftovers on baked potatoes or spread between two slices of bread and make a delectable creamy grilled cheese.

You can spread it on your cheese burger and you may never have a burger any other way again! 

 Okay now I am even making my own mouth water.

 Try this easy and delicious cheese and you will never look back