The locals of Binghamton, New York are very loyal to their Spiedie sandwiches! People who live in the area eat them at restaurants, from street vendors, buy from supermarkets, and even make their own at backyard cookouts.Natives who have moved away from the area have been known to have commercial spiedie sauce shipped, by the case, to their new homes. The name comes from the Italian word “spiedo” meaning kitchen cooking spit. Originally made from lamb, they are now made with virtually any meat. It is chunks of lamb, pork, chicken, beef, or venison that has been marinated for days in a tart sauce and then grilled on a metal skewer, usually over charcoal or gas. The traditional way of serving is between sliced Italian bread with extra sauce poured on top. The Spiedie, skewer of grilled meat is inserted in sliced Italian bread. The bread is used as a sort of mitt, wrapping around the meat. Pull out the skewer and you then have a wonderful and delicious hot sandwich!



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