Sheet Pan Pop Tarts

Are you ready for a delicious twist on the classic pop tart? This Sheet Pan Pop Tart recipe is here to revolutionize your breakfast routine! With just a few simple ingredients and one baking sheet, this is an easy way to make a warm and tasty treat.

Ingredients – 4 refrigerated pie crusts – 1 ½ cups strawberry preserves or jam Icing: – 2 cup powdered sugar – 4 tablespoon water – Pink food coloring – Sprinkles for garnishing

Step 1: Add the pie crust to the pan. Step 2: Remove the excess crust. Step 3: Make the top crust. Step 4: Add the jam.

Step 5: Add the top crust. Step 6: Seal the crust. Step 7: Bake and cool.

Step 8: Make the icing. Step 9: Ice the pop tart.


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